Handy Home Hints

Between washes

Use talcum powder instead of expensive dry shampoo when you don’t have time to wash your hair. It blends into any hair colour and gives hair a bit of volume as well.

Knead to know

If you break a glass, pick up the large pieces and then dab the area with a slice of bread. It will pick up all the small shards that you can’t see.

Dirty soles

When travelling, place your shoes inside a plastic shower cap to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

The icing on the cake

f you’re unable to cover a frosted cake with plastic wrap before refrigerating it overnight, simply wet a crumpled sheet of newspaper and place it by the cake in the fridge. It will absorb any odours, so your frosting will stay tasting great.

3 uses for rice

  1. Make a heat pack: Use a clean sock, fill with uncooked rice. Tie the top tightly with string and heat in the microwave to desired temperature.
  2. Clean glass bottles and vases: Place a few grains inside the vessel along with warm soapy water, swirl and shake the contents. The rice acts like a scourer - removing scum.
  3. Prevent rusty tools: Place a few spoonfuls of rice in your tool box, this will absorb any unwanted moisture.

Losing your screws?

Use clear nail polish to fix loose screws in place on your glasses.

Just like magic

If your hands are stained from cooking with beetroot or berries, rub a raw potato over the stain and watch it disappear.

Moving house

For small sets of drawers - tape drawers shut.