Handy Home Hints

Use egg shells to remove egg shells

The empty half of an egg shell is the best tool to fish out shell fragments that have accidentally fallen into the bowl.

removing eggshell from a bowl

The shell attracts like magic!

Thaw fish fillets in milk

Improve the flavour of frozen fish fillets by thawing in a bowl of milk in the fridge.

fish in a bowl of milk
Goodbye, fishy taste

Fresh smelling vacuum

Place a couple of drops of essential oil on a cotton wool ball and place it inside the bag of your vacuum cleaner to fill your home with a lovely aroma as you clean.

Vacuuming the carpet
Enjoy the scent as you clean the house

Easy ID for eggs

Add food colouring to the water before hard-boiling eggs. This way you can instantly tell the stored hard-boiled ones from the raw ones.

Add 2 tbs of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of food colouring to each pan of water before boiling as usual. The vinegar intensifies the colour and also helps to make peeling the eggs easier.

Organised t-shirt drawer
Almost too pretty to eat

5 uses for odd socks

  • Place a sock over a fly swatter and use it to clean those hard-to-reach places such as under the fridge or dishwasher.
  • Outdoor soap-on-a-rope. Place a bar of soap inside a sock and attach it to the garden tap for easy hand-washing when working outdoors.
  • Make it into a heat pack. Fill with rice and tie the end shut. Heat up in the microwave for a minute before use.
  • Stuff long socks with newspaper and place them inside tall boots to stop them from flopping over. The newspaper will also help to absorb moisture.
  • Make a family of sock puppets for rainy-day fun with the kids.
sock heatpack
DIY heatpack