Handy Home Hints

Kids’ to-do list

Ease the morning stress with a “getting ready” chart for your child that includes photos of them doing each task such as brushing teeth, putting on shoes, making the bed etc. Kids will relate to photos of themselves better than a written list with generic clipart.

Encourage your child to keep checking the list rather than having you tell them what to do. This promotes independence and you won't feel like you're constantly having to repeat instructions.

Make it into a "beat the buzzer" game - challenge your child to get everything on the list done before a timer goes off.

to-do list with photos

Keep those tomato cuttings

When you prune your tomatoes, don’t throw the cuttings away. Pot up the cuttings and grow more plants. Remove the large bottom leaves from each cutting, leaving just a few new-growth leaves, and remove any flowers. Plant it in a small pot with potting mix, water thoroughly and place a plastic bag over the cutting to create a 'greenhouse'. Place the pots in a warm but shaded area. The cutting will wilt at first but should perk up after a few days and start to grow as normal and put down roots. Transplant in the garden once the plant is strong enough.

tomato cuttings in plastic cups

Beautiful nails

To whiten your fingernail tips and remove stains, soak your nails in lemon juice for 10 minutes then wash off. Moisturise hands to finish.

5 tips to reduce ironing time

  • Hang freshly-washed shirts and other hard-to iron items on hangers while still damp.
  • Iron garments gefore they are completely dried.
  • Place aluminium foil under the ironing board cover to reflect heat to the underside of the clothes.
  • For a quick fix of a creased t-shirt other light garment, hang it up in the bathroom while you shower and the creases will drop out.
  • Hang ironed garments immediately and don't overcrowd your wardrobe or all your hard work will be for nothing!
  • man ironing a shirt

    No more lost jars

    A plastic lazy Susan tray is a great addition to your fridge. Perfect for storing all those small jars and sauces that get forgotten in the depths of the shelves.