Primus Realty

Property Management Subiaco

Primus Realty will take the stress out of leasing your property

Primus Realty offers an unparalleled service that only a family owned and operated, purely property management company can afford to provide. Their unique property management style ensures that there will always be a property manager in the office who is familiar with your property and can answer your questions promptly.

All senior property managers have been with Primus Realty in excess of five years.

Boutique, residential property management

Primus Realty is a purely property management company with a 100% focus on the task of managing your property to optimise your rental income. They aim to maintain a “boutique” style of property management and will cap the total properties managed to ensure that their high quality of service is not compromised.

They aim to provide you with an outstanding property management experience that in turn will give you the best return on your investment. Whether you have one investment property or several, Primus Realty can tailor a property management package to suit your individual needs.