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All U Need Pest Control was established in the early 1990s and will protect your home from pest invasions. They are a family owned and operated business with highly competitive pricing and all work guaranteed.

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All-U-Need Pest Control will protect your home from a termite or pest invasion

Established in the early 90s, All-U-Need Pest Control is a West Australian, family owned and operated business. They are your local pest experts and with outstanding attention to detail and highly competitive pricing. They are fully licensed, only employ trained professionals and all work is guaranteed. So you can sit back and relax, knowing your home is in the best hands.

  • Termite treatments
  • General pest treatments
  • Annual inspections & reports
  • Pest eradication & control
  • Pad & slab treatments
  • Local family-owned & operated business
  • 20 years’ experience
  • All work guaranteed
  • Domestic & commercial pest control

General pest control

Pests come in all shapes and sizes. They can spread disease, contaminate food, cause damage to your property and be an absolute nightmare to get rid of. All-U-Need Pest Control offers a general pest treatment which includes:

  • Treating your exterior areas such as garden sheds, eaves, letter boxes, barbecue areas and garden sheds.
  • Spraying the perimeter of your home with a special insecticide.
  • Baiting your roof void for rats and mice.
  • Dusting your roof void for pests such as spiders, ants and silverfish.
  • A special cockroach gel under bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  • Treatment behinds appliances such as fridges and ovens.
  • Treatment of all skirting boards and carpeted areas using a special residual pesticide.

This way you are ready for any pests which might try to invade your home.

Stop termites from eating your house!

Termites (also known as white ants) are highly destructive timber pests which can cause major structural damage to your home. Unfortunately, by the time you notice them, most of the damage will have been done, which is why it’s best to take a preventative approach. All-U-Need Pest Control can apply a chemical termite barrier to protect your property.

How does it work?

  • The barrier is created by injecting a termiticide around the perimeter of your home at 30cm intervals.
  • Concrete, brick and paved areas are drilled, injected with termiticide and plugged.
  • Garden beds and sandy areas against cavity walls are trenched and treated.
  • Areas such as fences, garden sheds, pergolas, patios, window frames, door frames, down pipes, eaves, letter boxes, rubbish bins and barbecue areas are all thoroughly treated.
  • Wooden sub floor areas are treated if accessible.
  • The inside of your home will be inspected and treated.
  • Roof voids where accessible will be inspected for termites.
  • A termite report is issued on request upon completion of the treatment.
  • All chemical termite barrier treatments include a free full general pest treatment.

The chemical termite barrier treatment is guaranteed for 5 years provided the yearly maintenance program is followed.

Make sure your home stays protected

When All-U-Need Pest Control says they’ll protect your home, they mean it. Under their extensive yearly maintenance programme, a qualified and experienced technician will:

  • Perform an expert and thorough interior termite inspection to all accessible areas.
  • Perform an expert exterior inspection.

If any termite activity is found it will be treated immediately. Your technician will also complete a general pest treatment, free of charge.

Pre-purchase inspections

When you are thinking of buying a house, there are a few inspections you should have carried out before you proceed. One of these is a termite inspection. All U Need Pest Control will inspect the property and give you a full report, protecting you from buying a property that is contaminated with termites.

Pre-construction treatments

If you want your new home to last, it’s essential that the area is sprayed for termite prevention before the slab is laid. This way you can relax and be sure that your new home is protected.


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