Shower Screen Cleaning

Leanne Potter from Scumbags Shower Clean & Seal - Shower Screen Cleaning
Call Leanne for a sparkling clean shower!

Scumbags Shower Clean & Seal

Leanne Potter has over 17 years' experience and will make your glass shower screens sparkle and your glass pool fences shine - always at an affordable price.

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Leanne Potter from Scumbags Shower Clean & Seal - Shower Screen Cleaning

Amazing shower screen cleaning

Leanne will make your shower screen sparkle like new

Leanne is your local shower cleaning and sealing expert with 17 years’ experience. She provides professional, glass shower screen and glass pool fence cleaning at extremely affordable prices. She’ll have them back to their sparkling best within a couple of hours. 

Why do our shower screens get so dirty?

Some areas in WA have 'hard' water, particularly if the water comes from groundwater supplies. This hardness is caused by a higher than usual concentration of calcium and magnesium salts.

The trouble with hard water is that it can leave spots on glass shower screens and glass pool fences after the water has evaporated. Hard water also reacts chemically with soap. The higher the hardness, the more soap is required to form a lather, meaning that glass shower screens can end up even dirtier.

Services include:

  • Mineral & hard water deposit removal
  • Environmentally safe
  • Easy-to-clean coating
  • Maintenance kits available

Scumbags takes pride in doing the jobs you hate!

Like most, you have possibly tried every product on the supermarket shelf for cleaning shower screens; but also like most, you’re probably frustrated with the results of trying to remove hard water staining and spots, calcium, lime mineral deposits and soap scum from your shower glass, or even your glass pool fence.

Leanne offers a specialised, environmentally safe, glass restoration service to remove calcium build-up from glass shower screens, which will have them back to their sparkling best in no time 

Protective coatings 

Once Leanne has worked her magic on your glass shower screen and pool fence, she can coat the glass in an amazing premium-grade, anti-stick, easy-to-clean protective coating. It repels dirt, grease and water to keep your surfaces clean and sterile.

Scumbags Shower Clean & Seal is an approved applicator of this premium nanotechnology coating, Nanokote, which will save hours of cleaning time and eliminate the need for harsh and expensive cleaning chemicals.

Once your glass shower screen or pool fence is coated, all you have to do is simply wipe over regularly with a soft cloth. Easy!

Glass pool fence cleaning and water stain removal

If you have noticed water spots on your glass pool fence which are difficult to remove, call Leanne from Scumbags Shower Clean and Seal.

In addition to the minerals in the water, pool fence staining can be caused by splashing from pool water, and also from reticulation spray which reaches your pool fence near lawn and garden areas.

Similar to their glass shower screen cleaning service, Leanne can offer you a premium, heavy duty clean – and the sooner this is done, the chance of damage from watermarks and stains is reduced.

Glass pool fence cleaning includes:

  • Removing dust, mild splashing, insect markings, etc.
  • Heavy duty glass pool fence cleaning & glass restoration to remove calcium and mineral deposits.
  • A restoration polishing process. 

You can also have your glass pool fence coated with Nanokote.

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Shower Screen Cleaning

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