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Dr Peter Kirkpatrick BSc BVMS

My Pet's Mobile Vet

Dr Peter Kirkpatrick is your local, experienced mobile vet, offering a range of specialist care for your pet in the comfort of your home. Open Mon-Sat.

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Your local mobile veterinary team

My Pet's Mobile Vet is a local, mobile veterinary team led by Dr Peter Kirkpatrick and is based out of Caryn Vet Hospital, Edgewater. Dr Kirkpatrick is an experienced vet and can provide a range of specialist care in the convenience of your home.

My Pet’s Mobile Vet - Providing friendly, professional home veterinary care for your best friend 

Convenient and professional in-home vet care is their priority - to ensure stress free consultations for both you and your pet, in the comfort of your own home. 

Dr Peter Kirkpatrick and his Associates have been offering experienced and professional home visit consultations for over a decade, making their clients and patients happy, healthy and stress free!

They are also able to offer clinical procedures and surgeries that may be necessary for home-visit patients. If you need the team to pick up or drop off your little one, they can also make arrangements when you make your appointment.

Making an appointment is easy – simply call or email the team and they will organise a mutually agreeable time to come out to your house and provide whatever service, treatment, check over that your pet needs.

Call the team on 0438 900 480 to discuss your needs.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

8am - 6pm


9am - 4pm



My Pet's Mobile Vet

Services Include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Health checks
  • Microchipping
  • Laboratory tests
  • Dental treatment
  • Routine surgical procedures
  • Pet products and accessories
  • Home euthanasia
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Vet Services

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