3 easy ways to save on your grocery bill

3 easy ways to save on your grocery bill

The average Western Australian household spends around $242 per week on groceries, which is $12,584 per year. But with a bit of clever shopping, you can reduce this amount. Here’s how you can save.

April 22, 2021
Woman pushing trolley around a supermarket

Meal plan  

By creating a meal plan each week (and sticking to it) you can reduce food waste and save. Go to the supermarket with a list and only buy what’s on the list! A meal plan will also avoid having to decide what to cook for dinner at the last minute (and don’t forget to use leftovers for lunches). Check out the weekly supermarket specials online and create your meals around those to save even more.  

Check your fridge, freezer and pantry

Plan your meals based on what you already have. Buy generic brands for the basics such as canned tomatoes. Avoid any recipes that need a small amount of a special ingredient that won’t get used again.    

Use your freezer

Don’t avoid frozen vegetables. They won’t go off in your fridge and are often more nutritious than vegetables that have been hanging around on supermarket shelves for a while. You can also buy meat that has been marked down because it’s close to the use-by date. Put it into the freezer straight away and write down the date it was frozen.

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