4 tips for successfully storing your summer clothes

4 tips for successfully storing your summer clothes

If your wardrobe space is limited, a great way to make more space is to do some seasonal storage. With the cooler weather approaching, it’s time to pack away those summer clothes to make room for the winter ones. Here’s the best way to do it.

April 22, 2021
Woman folding clothes and packing into boxes

Make sure clothes are clean before storing

Keeping them clean will keep tiny, clothes-munching creatures away and make sure they’re ready be worn once the cold weather has passed.  

Fold, don’t hang

Try to fold as many items as possible. Storing clothes on hangers for an extended period can stretch them out so they lose their shape.  

Add a cedar block

Throw a few cedar blocks in with your stored clothing items. They are good pest-repellents and not as strong-smelling as moth balls tend to be.  

Use the right storage container

Don’t store clothes in plastic bags – as mould and mildew can form if moisture is present. Rigid plastic storage containers and cardboard boxes can be but used, but one of the best storage options is an empty suitcase that has been thoroughly cleaned. Use acid-free tissue paper if you want to wrap your clothing within the container.

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