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5 things that don’t belong in your freezer

Freezers are great for extending the life of certain foods when we’ve over-shopped! There are lots of things you can freeze to use later, but here are 5 things that shouldn’t be in there.

March 31, 2021
  1. Yoghurt and sour cream - freezing will cause it to separate when it thaws out, so it won’t be very nice to eat.  
  1. Coffee beans – freezing your coffee beans or ground coffee will mean losing the oils which give coffee its aroma and flavour. Store your coffee in an airtight container or a dark cupboard instead.
  1. Frozen food in their boxes! They take up a lot of unnecessary space in your likely already crowded freezer! Just cut out the cooking instructions and tape them to the bag.
  1. Spices - freezing spices can drastically change their flavours. For example, garlic, pepper, and cloves can become strong and bitter.  
  1. Anything that isn’t clearly labelled - just because you know what’s in a container now, does not mean you’ll remember in it a few months from now. Stop playing dinner roulette and start labelling! Use a marker and masking tape to write the name of whatever you’re freezing and the date.  
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