7 benefits of choosing cosy carpets for your home

7 benefits of choosing cosy carpets for your home

The choices of flooring these days can be quite overwhelming – but you can’t go past a high-quality carpet for a timeless, stylish and long-lasting option. Here’s why.

March 25, 2021
Barefoot family standing on carpet

Carpets have come a long way over the years and the choice has never been wider with an extensive range of carpet colours, surface textures and patterns.   

Here are 7 reasons why carpets are a great choice:  

  1. It is great value-for-money and there is something for every style of home and budget.
  1. Carpets make a room feel warm and inviting.
  1. It provides a layer of extra padding along with a slip resistant surface which is particularly important for vulnerable groups such as the elderly or young children who can be more prone to tumbles.
  1. If you drop something, like a plate or a glass, it is less likely to break if it falls onto a carpet.    
  1. Studies have shown that well-maintained carpets can improve air quality. A carpet’s surface traps airborne dust containing allergens, rather than them floating around in the air.  
  1. With its insulation properties, carpet also contributes to a quieter indoor environment by reducing excessive noise, which can be a major source of stress.
  1. Carpet is always comfortable. You will love the feeling of a soft floor beneath your feet (and no treading on cold, hard surfaces in winter!).  

Contact your local flooring experts who will be able to help you choose the perfect carpet your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

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