Young boy looking stressed by his homework

8 helpful tips to avoid homework stress

Homework can be as stressful (sometimes for parents as well as for their children!). Here are some of the signs your child may be suffering from homework stress and what you can do to help.

May 6, 2021
Young boy looking stressed by his homework

Kids with homework anxiety might:

  • Find excuses to avoid homework
  • Say they’ve done their homework when they haven’t
  • Be moody or grumpy after school
  • Complain about not feeling well after school or before homework time
  • Cry easily or seem overly sensitive
  • Be afraid of making even small mistakes
  • Say it’s too difficult, even before trying  

Here’s how you can help  

  1. Set up a dedicated homework space

     Children need a quiet and well-organised space to work that is away from the usual distractions of the house.  

  1. Provide a healthy snack

      Kids usually come home from school starving! A healthy snack will help give them some energy and keep them happy.  

  1. Stick to a schedule

      Help your child plan out his or her time, scheduling in enough time for homework.  

  1. Practise good time management

      Make sure your child is focused on the task at hand. Remove distractions like phones or TV.

  1. Get started early

      While all children are different, a general guideline is to start homework earlier in the day rather than later before they run out of energy.  

  1. Organise a homework group

      This can be in person or a virtual group (we’re all getting used to doing this now!).

     It can give your child the chance to go over the material with his or her classmates.  

  1. Take a break

      Take 5 minutes out to do some stretching or to leave the room.
      Sometimes a mental break is just what’s needed to give that extra boost of energy and help them finish their work.

  1. Do your ‘homework’ while your kids do theirs

      Use homework time as productive time for you as well. Use this time to pay bills, go over your budget or plan the next week’s dinners.
      You will be setting an example that homework time isn’t just for kids!  

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