8 last-minute, easy-to-organise Mother’s Day ideas

8 last-minute, easy-to-organise Mother’s Day ideas

Whether you are arranging Mother’s Day gifts from young children or need something for your own Mum, here are 8 easy-to-organise ideas she’ll love.

May 8, 2020
Young child arranging a Mother's Day breakfast
  • Start the day by making Mum breakfast in bed and a home-made card.
  • Make Mum’s favourite cake or muffins and send her an invite to afternoon tea.
  • Make a playlist of her favourite songs.
  • Give home-made vouchers to redeem for tasks that you will do around the home such as gardening, making dinner (and cleaning up afterwards!) or washing the car.
  • Fill a little notebook with some of your favourite memories together.
  • Buy a jigsaw and complete it together.
  • Organise a surprise picnic in the park (or back garden), weather permitting.
  • Buy her a voucher for something you can do together when life returns to normal, such as movie tickets.

Making Mother's Day cards

Home-made Mother's Day cards are best, but don't leave it until the last minute! You'll need supplies like coloured card, glue and coloured pens, and try and do it in secret!

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