Car wiper blades being replaced

Are your wiper blades ready for safe driving this winter?

Keep an eye on your wiper blades. It doesn't matter what sort of vehicle you drive, if you can't see through your windscreen, its not safe.

June 4, 2020
Car wiper blades being replaced

Wiper blades should be checked every 6 months and replaced every year - sooner if they're not doing their job properly. Winter has well and truly arrived and if your wipers are damaged and it begins to rain heavily, the consequences could be severe.

Here's what you should look out for:

  • You will begin to see the wipers streaking and smudging the windscreen.
  • Ragged or distorted blades are also a sign that a blade that is due for replacement.
  • Look for cracks in the rubber part of the blade, and rust or corrosion on the metal of the arm.
  • If the edge of the blade has a rounded edge, it will compromise the blade's ability to make contact with the windscreen.

Make sure that new blades are high-quality and use clean water and windscreen-washer additive in the wiper reservoir. Leave the washing up liquid for the dishes as this can damage your paintwork and wiper blades.

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