Become a recycling collection point in your street – it's easy and neighbourly

Become a recycling collection point in your street – it's easy and neighbourly

Most people genuinely want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling, but when items have to be taken to a specialist collection place (such as batteries) it takes a bit more effort. Here's how you can help.

March 18, 2021

Life is busy. But keeping our environment healthy for future generations is so important and it’s often those items which require specialist recycling that end up in landfill. So, if you have the time, put your hand up to be a collection point in your neighbourhood to help out and collect items. It doesn’t have to be for your whole suburb. You could include your street, your immediate neighbours, or get together with a group of friends and each collect a certain item. Every little helps.

This will particularly help people who don’t have transport to be able to take items to be safely recycled.

You can let people know via any local Facebook groups you belong to – or put a note in the letterboxes of people you think might appreciate your help. Put a container somewhere accessible on your property where people can drop off their items.

The following items can be recycled if you take them to specialist recycling collection points. They must never be put in your kerbside recycling bin. If they’re not recycled correctly, they will go to landfill.

Hazardous household waste (HHW) such as batteries, aerosols and chemicals should never go into your general waste bin and should always be taken to a specialist recycling point or your local council HHW collection centre).

Common specialist recyclable items include:

 ·        Pens and markers

·        Light globes

·        Printer cartridges

·        Batteries

·        Coffee pods

·        Milk bottle lids & soft drink lids

·        Plastic bread tags

Visit to search for your nearest collection point for various items.

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