Woman opening curtains to reveal a window with blinds

Can’t decide between curtains or blinds? Then have both!

There is a huge range of modern curtains and blinds to choose from, so you can ditch the daggy drapes and bygone blinds and create something stylish for your home. Here are 8 things to consider when choosing a curtains/blinds combo.

March 31, 2021
Woman opening curtains to reveal a window with blinds
  1. Work with your existing style. Your curtains and blinds should enhance a room, not clash with everything in it!  
  1. Think about the practical side of the space; for example, you’ll need privacy and light control in bedrooms but living areas could be more open.  
  1. Choose your blinds first. They provide a basic colour palette to work with.  
  1. Don’t pair print with print. This will overpower a room and look very busy!  
  1. An ideal combination is a single colour for the blinds, paired with patterned curtains that feature the colour of the blind (or vice-versa)
  1. If you choose a natural timber blind, consider a solid colour curtain in a natural fabric (such as linen) to balance the look and to create layers of texture. 
  1. Accessories, such as rods, tracks, rings and tiebacks, can be just as important as colours and patterns, so make sure you spend time selecting the finishing touches.
  1. One of the biggest advantages of combining curtains and blinds is that they can make your windows appear larger than they really are – if they are installed correctly. This is perfect if your home is quite small.  

There are so many options to consider, but you don’t have to make all the decisions by yourself. Call your local blinds and curtains experts and they can visit you at home and help you to choose the best combination for your style, budget and the look you want to achieve.

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