Kids playing with a homemade cardboard box puppet theatre

Create some fun with empty cardboard boxes

Kids love a cardboard box. Parents see this at Christmas and birthdays when the box gets more use than the toy that came in it! Save cardboard boxes of all sizes and let your kids’ imaginations run riot. Boxes can be stored flat and reassembled when you’re ready to use them and can also be reconstructed inside-out for a plain surface to decorate.

May 1, 2020
Kids playing with a homemade cardboard box puppet theatre

Large boxes (such as those that fridges or washing machines arrive in) can be great for making cubbies, forts or castles. Smaller boxes along with yoghurt pots, milk bottle tops and other recycled items are perfect for construction.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make a plane, car or a pirate ship
  • Put a few boxes together and make a tunnel
  • Put a beanbag into a large box with a hole cut in the side for a ‘chill out’ zone
  • Make a parking garage for toy cars
  • Make a house for teddy bears
  • Create a dinosaur world
  • Or just play inside it

Why not make a shoe box theatre?

Make a simple puppet theatre in minutes with just a shoebox and a pair of scissors. You can be as elaborate as you like with your decorations; add curtains, glitter, signage - anything you like.

Don’t have any puppets?

A pair of socks and a little imagination will do the trick! Let the show begin

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