Door key going into a lock on a blue door

Enjoy a lighter keyring!  Have your locks keyed 'alike'.

Is that bunch of keys in your pocket or handbag weighing you down? Do you spend time trying to find the right key for the right lock in your home? Here’s how you can solve the problem.

March 10, 2021
Door key going into a lock on a blue door

What does ‘keyed alike’ mean?

When a group of locks are keyed alike together, it means that one key can open any of the locks. For example, you would only need one key for both your front and back door, garage side door and sliding door.  

Benefits include:

  • A lighter keyring!
  • No more trying three other keys before you find the correct one for the lock.
  • Not fumbling around in the dark when you arrive home from a night out, trying to get into your house.
  • You can save money because you only need to buy one key for each household member, even if you have 5 locks.
  • If you lose your key, you only need to get one key replaced.

By having all of your locks keyed alike, you can remove all these hassles and simply use one key. Contact your local locksmith who will be able to advise if your existing locks can be keyed alike and what you can do if they can’t.

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