Father’s Day gift ideas that don’t cost a cent!

Father’s Day gift ideas that don’t cost a cent!

Forget the socks and undies! This year give your dad something money can’t buy. Here are some great Father’s Day ideas that won’t cost a cent.

September 3, 2020
father and son eating popcorn
  • No chores - give him a day off, where there are no deadlines, no chores and no hassles. Let him relax or do something he really enjoys!
  • Book a family event – sometimes it’s difficult to find time to spend together because other things such as work, chores and activities get in the way. Book a time with family that’s fun for all.
  • Dad’s choice! Instead of planning everything out for him, let your dad decide what he wants to do. You can offer some suggestions or let him come up with something himself.

And for a bit of Father’s Day fun, let your dad be in charge of the TV remote control all day! You could even wrap up the TV remote and give it to him as a gift.

6 Father’s Day gift ideas

Obviously, you know your dad the best, but here are 6 simple gift ideas if you find yourself a bit stuck.

  1. Binge watch a TV series with him
  2. Create a photo collage with some of your favourite memories
  3. Do your dad’s chores for one day
  4. Make breakfast in bed for him
  5. Younger kids could make some handprint art
  6. Award him some ‘Quiet Time’ coupons

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