Child drawing on wall with felt tip marker

How to remove permanent marker from carpet, glass, walls and more

If your little budding artist has got carried away with the permanent markers around your home, don’t panic. We’ve found ways to remove it from 5 different surfaces.

July 9, 2020
Child drawing on wall with felt tip marker
  • Fabric & upholstery – hand sanitiser or rubbing alcohol. Dab the stain until it disappears
  • Walls – white toothpaste (not gel or striped) or aerosol hair spray. Don’t rub too hard or the paint may come away as well!
  • Carpet – hairspray (non-oil based) or rubbing alcohol. Apply with a clean cloth and blot until the stain has gone. Blot with water afterwards.
  • Whiteboards – If you’ve used permanent marker by mistake, go over it with a whiteboard marker and wipe clean.
  • Glass – mix one-part toothpaste and one-part baking soda and wipe.

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