Install power points with an inbuilt USB charger and keep your devices fully charged

Great news! Now you can plug in and power up at the same time.

May 7, 2020

If yours is a typical household, then everyone will have at least one phone. Add these to the rest of your devices (such as tablets, smart watches, Go-Pros and bike computers), and trying to keep them fully charged quickly becomes a daily challenge.  

The good news is that your local electrician can now replace or install power points with built-in USB chargers, which eliminates the need for a charging plug.  

Up to 3 x faster charging

The inbuilt USB charger allows devices to charge at their maximum speeds. Typically, USB sockets are 2-3 amps, which supply more current and allow faster charging than your plug-in USB charging plug. Why wait four hours to charge your phone when you could do it in two?    

Free up space for other devices

With the USB charger built into the power point, you can free up space for other plugs. No unplugging the kettle, lamp or other chargers - there will be room for everything.    

Other benefits include:    

  • Keeping your office workspace tidy    
  • No more searching for a USB charger    
  • Longer lasting than a charging plug    

Different USB wall charger options

There are a wide range of products available to choose from. The most common are:    

  • Double power point with single USB charger
  • Double power point with double USB charger
  • Quad power point with double USB charger
  • Double USB charger
  • Quad USB charger

Install them where they are most needed

It's best to install the new power points/USB chargers where your devices are typically used or left to charge. This could include:    

  • Bedrooms (especially if you have teenagers)
  • The office or study for charging as you work
  • The kitchen, so you can keep charging while searching online for your favourite recipe    
  • Near the TV so you can charge while streaming your show
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