Workman working on a feature ceiling

Make messy pipes and awkward spaces disappear like magic!

Here are 5 creative ways to use a bulkhead in your home

June 25, 2020
Workman working on a feature ceiling

Bulkheads in the home (as opposed to those on a ship!) are typically used to conceal something, such as pipes or wiring. But they can also be used to create special lighting and design features in your home.

Streamline your kitchen

Enclosing the space between the top of your cupboards and the ceiling creates a sleek and seamless look, giving the illusion of a taller, more spacious area. It also means you will never have to clean the dust and grime from the top of your kitchen cupboards again!

Lighting features

A bulkhead can be installed to accommodate any special lighting features for your home, such as recessed lighting over a dining table or kitchen area.

Theatre room sound systems

Bulkheads are perfect for a theatre room for built-in speaker systems. They can also hide the messy tangle of cables and wiring needed to set up audio/visual equipment.

Hide messy pipework

If you have messy pipework spoiling the look of your bathroom or laundry, hide it behind a bulkhead to create clutter-free environment.

Design features

Add features to an otherwise boring ceiling, such as a circular bulkhead to show off a spectacular light fitting in you living area.

There are lots of clever uses, so have a chat to your local plasterboard expert who will be able to run you through your options depending on what you want to achieve.

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