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Remember to play memory games with your kids!

At the ages of 6-14, kids’ brains are working overtime to build new pathways. It’s the best time for them to learn whatever they can, and these memory games are great fun at any time.

August 20, 2020

The Sound Chain

Great for developing listening skills

  • Everyone sits in a circle – the more players there are, the more difficult the game will be.
  • The first player starts a pattern of finger clicks and/or claps (e.g. two claps and a click).
  • The next player must do the same pattern and add another pattern
  • The game goes on with each player repeating the entire pattern and adding a new one each time.
  • The player makes a mistake is ‘out’ and the last player left wins.

The Shopping Game

Great for long car journeys

  • The first player says, “I am going to the shops to buy …” (e.g. to buy some shoes).
  • The next player repeats the phrase and adds another item to the list.
  • The game continues with each player listing all the items and adding one more each time.
  • You can also use different scenarios such as going on a picnic or on holiday.

The Tray Game

Great for visual memory skills

  • Place 10-20 random small objects on a tray.
  • Give your kids one minute to look at the items, then cover the tray with a blanket.
  • Players write down as many things as they can remember.
  • You can use things such as pens, different coloured crayons, coins, spoons, keys, toys etc.

4 benefits of memory games

Memory games are a great way to boost different aspects of a child’s development.

  1. They help kids to learn about strategy
  2. Memory games force them to think
  3. They teach them concentration
  4. These games can boost a child’s awareness and cognition

But the best thing about these games is that everyone can join in and your kids won’t even realise that this fun activity is learning!

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