Wooden bowl full of salt

Salt - six secret uses that you should know

Salt is one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen, but you can use it for things, other than cooking. Here are 6 alternative uses.

August 20, 2020
  1. Minimise splatter when frying – just sprinkle a little salt into the oil.
  2. Reduce the itch of a mosquito bite - dab salt water on the area.
  3. DIY body Scrub - make a paste with 1 tbsp each of honey, coconut oil and table salt. Massage into damp skin while showering for silky-soft skin.
  4. Remove tea and coffee stains from mugs - sprinkle some salt onto a sponge and rub in circles across the stains until they disappear.
  5. Clean your iron plate – sprinkle some table salt onto your ironing board, then use the hottest setting on your iron and go over it. It should lift off any lumps and bumps and have your iron working like new again.
  6. Keep milk fresh for longer – if your milk is nearing its use-by date, add a pinch of salt to the bottle and it will last a couple of days longer (it works with cream too!).

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