person filling their car with petrol

Save money on running your car

When it comes to your car running costs can quickly mount up, so when it comes to savings, every little helps, especially if your household is running more than one vehicle. Here are some simple ways you can save.

June 3, 2021
person filling their car with petrol

Service your car regularly

It will run more efficiently, small problems won’t turn into big, expensive ones, and it will be less likely to break down, which can incur more costs such as towing.  

Avoid dealership servicing

You don’t have to take your car to a dealership to have it serviced – not even for log-book servicing, as long as your mechanic follows the log-book requirements.

Check your tyre pressure

Under or over inflated tyres not only use up to six per cent more petrol, they’ll wear out more quickly.  

Fill up on petrol when it’s cheaper

Take note of the cheapest fuel days and avoid filling up on weekends and public holidays; and use your shopping dockets – that 4c per litre saving adds up.  

Drive sensibly

Drivers with a ‘lead foot’ pay more for fuel, tyres, brakes and car servicing. Remember, every time you accelerate, your car burns fuel.  

Shop around for insurance

Just because you’ve received your insurance renewal notice doesn’t mean you have to pay it. It pays to look around for a cheaper deal.  


If you know someone who works in the same location as you do or drops their kids off to the same school, take it in turns to drive.  

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