Share your excess home-grown fruit and veggies with your neighbours

We’ve all done it – enthusiastically planted fruit trees, veggies and herbs only to discover we can’t possibly use everything up before it goes off or goes to seed. Why not take any excess you have and share it with your neighbours and passers-by.

May 1, 2020
  • Place your excess produce in boxes or bucket and place them at the end of your driveway or on your front verge.
  • Add a sign inviting people to take what they need.
  • Print out a few recipes suggesting what neighbours could make with the produce.
  • If something is going to seed, collect the seeds and share those as well.

This way, all your hard work in growing everything won’t go to waste. And it’s a great way of helping out your neighbours and making new connections in your community.

Start a Harvest Swap group in your street

We don't all grow the same fruit and vegetables, which is great.

Big or small backyards, sun or shade, you and your neighbours can produce a huge variety of fruit, veg, herbs or flowers.

Sharing the excess with the street means there will be something in season for everyone.

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