Man picking up a takeaway from his local cafe

Support local restaurants and cafes with a Local Takeaway Challenge!

Restaurants and cafes have been doing it tough lately, but there is a simple (and delicious) way to show support. Set yourself a Local Takeaway Challenge! The challenge is to order a takeaway from every restaurant or café in your local area.

June 18, 2020

You could do it over the next few weeks or months (depending on how many there are in your local area). You could even get together with a few friends or neighbours and turn it into a social occasion. This small thing can make a huge difference to a local business and keep people in employment.

Some owners are also selling vouchers and gift cards to be used when restrictions are relaxed, and they can accommodate more customers. Consider buying one as this could help them to survive until this time. You could also buy one for friends or family as a gift.

5 easy ways you can help a local restaurant or café stay in business:

  1. If you are arranging a party or get-together, ask a local business to do the catering.
  2. Family lunch? If you order from a local restaurant or café, they will really appreciate it and it means less work for you!
  3. Buy a birthday cake from a local café.
  4. Buy a takeaway coffee & muffin and go and sit in the park with friends for a catch up.
  5. Breakfast on the run? Skip the fast food places and grab a local takeaway instead.

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