The write way to recycle school stationery

With the end of the school term looming, your kids will probably come home with a bag full of left-over stationery. Some of it will be unused and some only partially used, but the good news is, these items can help kids who sometimes miss out.

November 19, 2020

Starting each new school year can be an expensive exercise, with book lists, uniforms, shoes and school fees. Many families struggle to provide the basics, including the book list items needed for their children’s schoolwork.

Give Write is a local WA initiative that takes pre-loved stationery at the end of the year then repackages it for kids in need for the following year.  It’s an environmentally friendly program that makes the most out of items that would otherwise clutter homes or be thrown away and end up in landfill.

This is a great way to give to kids in need, so they have the tools to feel engaged and inspired to learn at school

Some schools collect items at the end of the school year and there are also public donation points.

What to do when your pens run out

In Australia alone, over 140 million pens are sold annually, with the majority discarded, adding to the plastic problem. This results in around 700 tonnes of plastic waste being dumped in local government landfill sites across Australia.

Givewrite has also teamed up with TerraCycle, who now has a Writing Implements program which recycles left-over stationery items which can’t be reused.

For community drop off points in your local area visit TerraCycle

Visit Give Write for more information


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