Parent sitting with child in a library

You’re never too old to make new school friends!

Whether your child is starting a new school this year or returning to an old one, there are many ways you can get involved and make some new friends in the process!

February 4, 2021
Parent sitting with child in a library

Volunteering not only benefits your kids. It helps the classroom, the whole school, and the community by giving students positive support, and building important relationships between parents.  

Here are some of the ways you can help at your child’s school:  

  • Attend a school excursion. Extra help is always needed, especially with younger children.
  • Help with fundraising activities – schools are always in need of extra funds.  
  • Volunteer in the school canteen – one of the best ways to find out what is going on at school!
  • If you have admin skills, offer to help with school newsletters, press releases, annual reports or other administrative needs.
  • Do some baking for the cake stall at school sports day or fundraiser.
  • Attend P&C meetings or join the school council/board or a specialist committee.
  • Spend a day in the school library helping with the books or reading with kids.  
  • Help out with costumes or sets for theatrical and musical productions.
  • If your school holds a careers day, volunteer to speak about your job.  
  • Offer to help with coaching one of the sports teams.
  • School discos and school fairs which take place during evenings and weekends are great events to volunteer for if you don’t have any time during the day.  

Benefits of helping out at your child’s school  

According to education and child experts:

  • Students perform better when their parents and carers are involved with their learning and the wider school community.
  • Parent engagement not only benefits your child, but the whole school.  
  • Being involved in your child’s school shows them that education is important.  
  • It builds your child’s confidence and encourages regular attendance.
  • It makes a connection between home and school environments.
  • Parents make new friends and become active members of their school and wider community.  

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