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What types of businesses do you list?
There are a wide range of businesses which do well in our directories. We generally specialise in businesses who offer services to residential customers. If your customers are mostly commercial, we probably can't help you.

If you are in doubt, give us a call. We can quickly tell you whether your business would be suitable for our publication.

Do I need to produce my own ad?
No, we design and prepare most of the ads in our directory on behalf of our clients. We do this at no charge. The design of your ad is very important in achieving good results so we prefer to have input into this aspect of your advertising campaign.

When are directories distributed?
Directories are distributed to each area once every two months. Some areas receive directories in Jan, Mar, May, etc... whilst other areas receive them in Feb, Apr, Jun, etc...

How long have you been operating?
Little Aussie Directories started in WA in 2005 and in QLD in March 2008. We launched initially in the Redlands and have expanded from there.