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Get rid of mould on your venetian blinds and avoid a health hazard

Mould appearing on venitian blinds is very common and can be a serious health risk, especially for asthma sufferers. If you spot any, you should remove it right away.

Our homes will often have a lot of humidity inside (especially homes with evaporative air-conditioning) which can create condensation on your windows. Your blinds can soak up this moisture and with the warmth of the sun, create an ideal growing environment for mould.

To help prevent mould from appearing on your blinds:

  • Keep your home adequately ventilated to remove humidity and moisture from the room.
  • If you can, put your blinds in direct sunlight.
  • Clean the blinds with a natural disinfectant such as vinegar or tea tree oil.

If your blinds already have mould beginning to grow, then the only option is to kill 100% of all the mould spores.

To clean the venetian blinds you will need to:

  • Remove the blinds from the window and place outside in the sun.
  • Wipe and clean with a mild detergent or undiluted vinegar.
  • You can also use a solution with tea tree oil (one teaspoon per cup of water) or clove oil (a quarter teaspoon per litre of water).
  • Leave in direct sunlight for a more effective UV clean.

If you are short of time, have difficulty removing the venetian blinds or want a 100% effective clean first time, you can always use a professional service Blind Cleaning service. They can also fix any minor damage or problems you might have with the blinds.

Just remember that after the venetian blinds are cleaned, you’ll need to improve the ventilation in the room to reduce the risk of it happening again.

Blind Cleaning & Repairs

We haven’t located a recommended Little Aussie blind cleaning and repair business for your local community yet. So to help you in the meantime, here are few blind cleaning and repair businesses near your home that you can choose from. Give them a try and let us know what you think.