Community Tips

Teenager picking up litter

Teaching kids to get involved in their community

Teaching kids the importance of being involved with those around them will help them to become active members of their community. It will show them that one person can make a difference and the rewards will last a lifetime.

Kids under 10

  • Donate toys to a charity shop or women’s refuge
  • Put a percentage of pocket money towards a worthy cause (they get to choose)
  • Pick up any litter in the street or at the park
  • Make bright and colourful cards to give to neighbours – just to say hello
  • Take extra stationery items to school for children who may not have enough

Kids over 10

  • Make dog treats for the local dog shelter
  • Have a baking session for people at the local care home
  • Lend a hand at your local composting station or community garden
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Donate warm clothes to local homeless shelters
  • Help out a younger neighbour with homework or reading