VIP Fencing & Home Maintenance

Expert Tips

Check first, save time
Don’t forget to check with your local council when planning a new fence. Every suburb in Perth and WA has its own fence height regulations and local councils also have strict regulations regarding gaps between slat fencing at the front of a property. This could save a lot of time when it comes to getting your new fence.

Don’t get stuck
When planning a new access gate at the side of your home, think about how it will be used. If you’re going to be moving lawnmowers, wheelbarrows or other bulky items, a more spacious opening may be required. Your local fencing & gate specialist can offer help and advice on the best solution for your needs.

Fuss-free fencing
While a timber fence is a lovely addition to any home, it will be susceptible to dry and wet rot, and will require some maintenance. Instead, try an alternative composite timber or aluminium fence. It will look great, requires little maintenance and won’t crack, peel, warp or rot.