Pristine Floor Solutions

Tile & Grout Cleaning Cannington

Sparkling clean tiles and grout made easy

Pristine Floor Solutions is your local tile and grout cleaning company. Owners Esmie and Sidney will bring your dirty and stained tiles and grout back to life by giving them a thorough clean. Their highly specialised equipment removes dirt and grime, making your tiles sparkle and looking like new.

Tiles can be difficult to clean as dirt and grime accumulates in the pores of the tiles and grout. This causes the tiles and grout to darken, particularly in high traffic areas, and can make the whole room look dirty. Most of the time normal cleaning will not do a very good job of getting your tiles clean and keeping them clean.

Call in the professionals

Keeping tiles and grout clean is not easy. It can be hard work and if you use the wrong cleaning products you could do permanent damage to your tiles, meaning they will have to be replaced. The benefits of having your tiles and grout professionally cleaned and sealed are many:

  • The tiles won’t be damaged by using incorrect cleaning fluids or sealers
  • Grout can be easily damaged which can look terrible and also cause leaks around the house
  • Grout in the bathroom can become mouldy with is unsightly and unhealthy
  • It will prolong the life of your tiles and grout
  • Sealing will make cleaning in the future much easier
  • You have sparkling clean tiles without having to do any of the hard work