Chicas Cattery

Cattery Canning Vale

A home away from home for your cat

When going on holiday you can't always rely on family and friends to look after your pets. This is when Chicas Cattery, the holiday hotel for cats, comes to the rescue.

Owner Susan Game is a self-confessed sentimental fool when it comes to caring for cats and kittens. You can put your beloved felines in her safe hands, knowing that she and her fully trained staff will look after them just as you would. You can relax while you are away, knowing that your cat is being well cared for with everything he or she needs. Morning room service with breakfast, and cuddles. Evening dinner, and more cuddles.

Benefits of sending your cat to Chicas holiday hotel:

  • 24 hour care
  • Experienced staff
  • Complete security
  • Competitive rates