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Expert Tips

The art of mirrors

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any home - and they aren't just for checking out your reflection. They come in a variety of shapes and styles and can be used like a work of art, brightening the darkest of spaces and can also make a small room look much bigger. They are an ideal way to decorate your home.

Safety first

If your home was built before 1970, you should get any glass in your windows and doors checked as it may not be safe if broken. All glazing installed in your home needs to meet the relevant Australian Safety Standard which means windows and doors are required to be glazed with safety glass, making your home safe.

The environmentally-friendly option

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and reusable, which makes aluminium doors and windows an environmentally-friendly choice. Aluminium has a low carbon footprint, so if you ever need to replace your aluminium frames, the old ones can be recycled into other new items.

Cut back cleaning time

Let's face it, not many people actually enjoy cleaning, so the less time it takes, the more time you'll have to enjoy other things. One of the easiest ways to cut down on your cleaning time is to install a sleek and stylish glass splashback behind your cooktop. It will look great, offer superb wall protection and is much easier to clean.


If you want to make your home feel more spacious and open, but don't have the budget for a major renovation, you should think about installing aluminium sliding or bi-fold doors. When open, they remove the barrier between your indoors and outdoors, and when closed, allow more natural light into your home.

Fix that glass

If any of the glass windows and doors in your home are cracked or chipped it means they have been weakened and can be a potential hazard for you and your family. This is a problem at any time of year, but particularly in winter when there are strong winds, storms and even hail. Make sure you have any damaged glass fixed now to make your home safe.

Invisible shelves

Glass shelves have many benefits and are just as strong and durable as other shelving materials. Glass shelves blend seamlessly into any environment, create an airy feel and provide extra storage space while making a room appear larger as you can see all the way to the wall. They work particularly well in a bathroom as they won’t warp or rot. Glass shelving can also make light rooms appear brighter and can lift the heavy feel of a dark room. Glass needs to be handled with care, so always call your local glass services professionals. They will ensure a high-quality installation and make sure that everything meets Australian Standards.

Who let the dogs (and cats) out?

Give dogs and cats some independence by installing a pet door. This way they can come and go as they please and you’re not having to constantly get up and down to open the door for them (just bear in mind that cats should be kept indoors at night wherever possible). For the safety of you and your pets, having a pet door installed into glass involves a special process. This is why you should always call a glass services professional to do the job. They have the expertise and equipment to complete the job to the highest standard. 

A touch of glass

The job of a splashback is to protect your walls from splashes, stains and possible damage. Glass splashbacks create a modern and contemporary look and are the low-maintenance option for wall protection. They are strong, durable and as the colour is applied to the surface which goes against the wall, it will not fade or get scratched. Having a glass splashback also means no stained grout, cutting down on cleaning time – which is priceless. Talk to your local glass services expert about the best options for your kitchen or bathroom glass splashback.

The magic of mirrors

As well as being a practical addition to any room, mirrors can also be used to create the illusion of space. If you place a mirror on the same or neighbouring wall as a natural light source, it will be reflected, back into your home, increasing the perception of light and space.

The good glass

If your home was built before 1970, get the glass checked. When pre-70s glass breaks, it fractures into jagged shards, which can cause serious harm. Safety glass is the modern alternative. If this type of glass breaks, it forms small particles, reducing the risk of injury. Your local glazier can identify the type of glass in your home.

Update your shower screen

If you’ve got a small bathroom, installing a frameless shower screen will give it an open, spacious feel. The toughened glass screen is held in place using special fixings and will almost disappear into the background. This creates a sleek, minimalist look, which is also much easier to clean.