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Expert Tips

Kitchen colour counts

When planning your kitchen renovation and colour combinations, think about the amount space you have to work with. Remember that dark cabinets and benchtops will shrink an already small space, whereas light and soft shades will visually expand any area. You can also use glass doors and display shelving to break up banks of colour.

Plan your layout

It’s important to find a kitchen layout that makes best use of the space you have. For narrow spaces it might be a galley style kitchen. In a larger, broader room, you may be able to accommodate a central island bench with underneath cupboards for further storage.

Appliances first

If you're renovating your kitchen, choose your appliances first. It will be much easier to design your cabinets and countertops to fit appliances (like your refrigerator and dishwasher), rather than the other way around. If your kitchen area is small, take this into account when making your appliance choices.

Everything in its place

There’s no such thing as too much storage space, but when you don’t have enough, it’s a real pain. Before you start your kitchen renovation design, look at all your kitchen pots, pans, gadgets and appliances, and make sure there will be a place for everything. Utilise all available space and think about including large drawers in your cabinetry in place of plain cupboards, for easier access.

Kid-friendly kitchens

Kitchens can be a hazardous place for children, so for a kid-friendly kitchen make sure your cooktop is installed away from high traffic areas so children can’t knock anything off (such as a pan of hot water or oil) if they happen to run through.

Kitchen efficiency

When planning your kitchen renovation, think about how and where you will use items. For example, store crockery, serving dishes and cutlery near the dishwasher for efficient unloading and to make sure you aren't dripping water all over the floor, making it splippery and dangerous.

Make the most of your space

If you’ve only got a limited amount of space for your kitchen renovation, there are still lots of great things you can do. You could extend your overhead cupboards to ceiling height to make the most of this wasted space. Corner drawers rather than cupboards are a great idea and deep drawers for your pots and pans are more user-friendly and easier to organise than under bench cupboards.

Plan for ‘landing’ bench space

When planning your kitchen renovation make sure that you allow for ‘landing’ space next to your appliances. The recommended area is at least 400mm on each side of your oven/cooktop so you can put down hot items safely, plus space next to the fridge and pantry so it is easier to put away your groceries. Extra bench space next to your microwave will also come in handy, if you have the room.