Community Tips

Getting taken for a walk

Make your neighbour’s day and offer to walk their dog

Dog walking has countless benefits both pet and owner. But what if you don’t or can’t own a dog? Borrow your neighbour’s! Some people are getting back into the office for work, so they might not have as much spare time; or, they may be elderly and no longer able to give their dog the amount of exercise it needs. You’ll be giving a neighbour a welcome helping hand and reaping the benefits of being around dogs. You could walk one neighbour’s dog on a regular basis or share the love and walk different dogs at different times.

Here are some of the many walking benefits for both dogs and their humans!

  • Research has shown that dog walkers are more likely to acknowledge and greet other people in the street – which is a great way to get to know people in your local community.
  • You'll meet new friends (both two and four legged!) Getting exercise in the fresh air is much nicer than going to the gym (and it's free!)
  • When the dog gets used to you, you'll be one of their favourite people! 
  • Stroking and patting a pet can reduce the physiological indicators of stress, including high blood pressure.
  • You’ll be providing the exercise a dog needs for socialisation.
  • It will prevent them from barking and the dog becoming a neighbourhood nuisance (so you’ll be doing everyone a favour!).
  • The dog will be getting much needed attention, keeping it happy and healthy.
  • Dogs that don’t get enough exercise can easily become bored or destructive.
  • Most dogs should be walked at least once a day – some more active dogs may need even more.