Golden Ridge Roofing

Metal Roof, Guttering Repairs & Replacement Cottesloe

Look after your roof and protect your home

Golden Ridge Roofing is a local, metal expert roofing company run by Jay Simpson. He prides himself on his top quality workmanship and offers the best possible service, which includes always being up front and honest. Golden Ridge Roofing services include:

  • Metal re-roofs for old homes and renovations
  • New gutters & downpipes
  • Repairs for leaks and maintenance
  • Standard Whirlybirds
  • Solar Whirlybirds
  • Commercial & domestic
  • No job is too big or too small

Looking after your roof means protecting what is probably your most expensive asset, your home. A call to Jay from Golden Ridge Roofing could stop those small metal roofing problems from turning into big, expensive ones.

Damage caused by a leaking roof

Never underestimate a leak and don’t wait to get it fixed. Underestimating roof leaks can be extremely costly and also extremely dangerous.

  • Roof leaks can be a fire hazard. As the water trickles into your home, it can touch wires located in your ceiling and cause a fire. 
  • A leaking roof can cause toxic mould growth, which can severely compromise your health. 
  • Roof leaks can rot the entire structure of your roof, including roof insulation. In the worst case scenario, the water damage can cause roofs or ceilings to collapse.
  • A leaky roof can also lead to rodent infestations. They can squeeze through gaps or holes and chew the wiring, potentially causing a fire. 

Don’t risk a fall, call Golden Ridge Roofing

Home handymen are suffering serious head and neck injuries in growing numbers as they ignore safety issues while doing DIY roof repairs.

Call Golden Ridge Roofing to install your new metal roof or tackle metal roof repairs. It will be the best decision to save you time, hassle and the very real risk of serious injury from falling off your roof.