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5 reasons to fix car dents sooner rather than later

We all put off tasks that don’t seem urgent or important, but a dent in your car can lead to larger, more expensive problems if they’re not repaired quickly.

Here are 5 reasons to have those dings and dents fixed straight away.

  1. Rust can develop

Rust. The word that strikes fear into every car owner! Dents, however small, cause damage to your car’s paintwork. Cracks can appear which allow water to seep through the protective coating. Over time, the water will cause the metal to oxidise and rust spots will appear. This can spread causing more damage to your car.

  1. Paint cracks can get bigger

One thing’s for sure – without attention, damage to your car’s paintwork will never get better, only worse! Weather conditions, everyday wear-and-tear and even washing your car can cause the cracks in the paint to grow.

  1. The value of your car will drop

No matter how well your car performs, its appearance will influence its resale value. Apart from the damage it does to the bodywork of your car, dents which haven’t been repaired are a sign that the car hasn’t been well-maintained, which will put off most potential buyers.

  1. The longer you leave it, the more it will cost to repair

Fixing a small dent straight away will be cheaper than if you leave things to deteriorate. Once paint starts to flake off and rust develops the damage will be worse and more expensive to fix.

  1. Your car might not be safe

Safety should be your number one priority with any vehicle. What may seem like a small dent in your car’s bodywork could be hiding a more serious problem. Minor dings and dents can still cause structural damage that isn’t obvious until checked by a professional.

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