Community Tips

box of food

Your street can make an amazing difference

Gather your neighbours together and make a food donation to charity

Inspire your street, gather your neighbours and put together a food donation for a local charity. Here are some simple guidelines to follow to make sure the charities get what they need.

  • Decide which food charity to donate to – there are many food rescue charities in operation across Perth, including Foodbank WA, No Limits Perth and Manna.
  • Before you start collecting, find out which foods can be donated. Make contact with your charity of choice or visit their website to identify what they can and cannot accept.
  • Pay attention to the dates of what you give. ‘Use by’ date items should not be donated after expiration, as they may be unsafe to consume. ‘Best before’ date foods can be given away after the date has passed (up to 6 months), provided the food container is not damaged.
  • All items must have the ingredients list.
  • Stick to non-perishable pantry items so you don’t have to worry about food storage safety such as temperature control.
  • Start your collection by going through your pantry and decide what you can donate.
  • Drop a note into your neighbours’ mailboxes letting them know that you’re going to make a food donation and ask if they’d like to contribute anything. Leave a box or plastic crate on your verandah or driveway as an easy way to collect donated items.
  • Make your street food donation an annual or bi-annual event so the giving keeps going.