Community Tips

Helping a neighbour with shopping

10 simple ways to spread kindness in your street

Kindness is a powerful tool and one small, thoughtful gesture can make someone else’s day. It has huge benefits for both the person being kind, and the recipient. This can include reduced stress and anxiety, and improved happiness. Here are 10 simple ideas to spread some kindness (and you might even find it’s catching!).

  • Help someone to get the groceries out of their car.
  • Have a baking session and share the delicious goodies with the people in your street (remember to list all the ingredients in case of food allergies).
  • Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn.
  • Give someone a book that you have read and enjoyed.
  • Leave a bowl of water the end of your driveway for any dogs being walked in your street.
  • Take cuttings from your garden, pot them up and share around your neighbours.
  • Cook a meal for a neighbour – this could be a family with a new baby or an elderly person who needs a helping hand (make sure you include a list of ingredients).
  • Smile at everyone you see and say hello.
  • If you walk past a beautiful garden, leave a note telling the owner how lovely it is and thank them for brightening your day.
  • Bring in a neighbour’s bin after rubbish collection.