In The Garden

child playing with fairy garden

Create a Fantasy Garden in a Pot

Add a little magic to your garden with a miniature garden scene. It could be for fairies, for pirates or even for dinosaurs. Just use what you have and let your imagination do the rest.

Creating a fantasy garden is a fun way to get kids interested in gardening. They can help with the design and then take on the responsibility of maintenance and watering.

Choose a container

Select a container that’s roomy enough to accommodate plants, landscaping details and accessories. Place it in position, preferably in dappled shade, before you start as it may be too heavy after being planted. Consider painting the container to match your theme.

Select your plants

A miniature garden needs miniature plants, Choose hardy, small-leaved, clumping plants that have similar water requirements. Ensure the container has drainage holes and plant using quality potting mix.

Add the props

Add details like paths, fences, letterboxes and bridges. A fantasy garden is a great way to incorporate other craft activities such as making fairy houses, volcanoes and treasure chests for an ever-changing landscape that will bring a smile to the young and the young at heart.