In The Garden

Daphne eternal fragrance flowers

Plants for Year-Round Fragrance

Choose scented plants that flower in different seasons and your garden will be colourful and perfumed all year round.

Plants for spring & summer scent

Chinese Star Jasmine

If you’re looking for a perfumed climbing plant, Chinese Star Jasmine is the go-to choice. It can be a little slow to grow at first, but once established it will reward you year after year with masses of highly scented white flowers.

Port Wine Magnolia

An easy-care evergreen shrub that grows to 2m and produces heavily-scented purple-pink blooms through spring and summer. Port Wine Magnolia makes a good hedging plant or pot specimen.


Highly-fragrant Gardenias have creamy, rose-like flowers and dark green glossy foliage.They can be a little more difficult to grow but well worth the effort. Protection from the afternoon sun is necessary but make sure they get enough light to ensure flowering. Plant in well-drained acidic soil, using a specially-formulated potting mix. Gardenias are great in large containers.

Plants for autumn & winter fragrance

Daphne Eternal Fragrance

This small evergreen shrub produces flushes of sweet-scented flowers throughout the cooler months. Daphne needs good drainage and protection from afternoon sun. Use to border pathways where the scent will be released as you brush past, or pick some stems and bring them inside to perfume your home.


One of the earliest-flowering bulbs, jonquils are very heavily scented. They are easy-care and can be left in the ground to flower year after year. New bulbs will need to be planted in late summer in order to have flowers for winter. Long-lasting indoors in a vase, though the smell may be too strong for some people!

Lavender Winter Lace

Lavender smells good all year since it’s the foliage that’s aromatic, but for winter colour choose this early-flowering variety. Plant in full sun and tip-prune after flowering to keep the plant bushy. Grow lavender under bedroom windows for a natural sleep aid.