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paper shredder and pile of shredded paper

9 nifty uses for shredded paper

(because it can’t go in the recycling bin)

If you’ve been working from home, you might have been shredding work documents and now have lots of shredded paper. Unfortunately, it can’t go into your recycling bin. It’s too small to be captured by the recycling machinery, and it can contaminate the glass stream. A small amount can go in your compost or FOGO bin (with the bright green lid for organic matter - if your council provides one).

Here are 9 ways to use the rest.

  1. Use it as filler in the bottom of home-made gift baskets.
  2. Use it for bedding for small pets such as gerbils and hamsters, or hens.
  3. Mix it with potting soil when you pot plants – this will help to retain moisture and make them less heavy to move around.
  4. Donate it to your local animal shelter.
  5. Use it as fire starter in your fireplace or campfire.
  6. Add some to your cat’s litter box to make kitty litter last longer.
  7. If you’re really feeling crafty, use it to make paper clay.
  8. Add it to your garden beds as mulch for trees and shrubs. Avoid using glossy or coloured shredded paper as it can contain materials that may not be good for the soil.
  9. Use it to pack away fragile items such as delicate china and Christmas decorations.