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hanging basket

Blooming Baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way to brighten up any area around your home and they can provide instant colour if you fill them with plants that are already flowering.

Choose a large basket

A larger basket will help to retain moisture as well as allowing space for root growth. The downside is that is it will be heavier so make sure hanging hooks and brackets are firmly fixed and always get help with lifting.

Location, location, location!

The beauty of any container plant is that it can be easily moved if it’s not thriving in its current position. Try turning your hanging baskets weekly for even sun exposure and if that doesn’t help, move them to a different spot.

Tips for success

Water regularly

Hanging baskets are a bit like children, you need to feed and water them regularly! Be prepared to water daily in hot weather and check regularly at other times. Soak the basket with a dribble from the hose or in a bucket of water at least once a month.


Plant in a a premium potting mix and use a slow release fertiliser every two to three weeks. A basket doesn’t hold much soil, so little and often is best.

Retain moisture

If using a wire basket with a coir insert, line it first with a thick layer of newspaper to help moisture retention while still allowing drainage. Water retention crystals and mulch will help to keep the soil moist.


If you’re grouping plants together in the same container, make sure they all have the same sun and water requirements.