Curves Armadale

Health & Fitness Kelmscott

Get fit and feel fabulous at Curves Armadale

Curves Armadale is a women’s fitness and weight loss centre that caters specifically to the needs of female local residents, and they have members ranging in age from 13 to 88. The caring and supportive staff are there to help you to improve your physical and mental well-being.

Owner, Vicki has been with Curves for 15 years. She is also an Armadale local and enjoys the sense of community, having lived in the area for 32 years. 

A little exercise makes a big difference

It is well-documented that exercise has many benefits, and that even a little exercise each day can make a big difference to your health. Whether you are new to fitness or regularly take part in some sort of exercise, Curves Armadale can help you to achieve your goals in an environment designed especially for women.

Everything you need to help you succeed is included:

  • Personalised meal plans
  • Curves fitness
  • Coaching and support
  • Fitness in just 30 minutes

Support from like-minded women

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when exercising, which is why it’s beneficial to exercise in a group of like-minded women. You will have the continuous support of welcoming staff and the other Curves members.

This vibrant community all want to achieve their own goals, but also help fellow members to achieve theirs. They motivate and inspire each other to become healthier and get the most out of life, regardless of age, shape, size or fitness.

Curves Armadale is open 6 days a week

Monday to Friday

5.45am to 11.30am

Monday to Thursday

3.00pm to 7.00pm


3.00pm to 6.00pm


7.30am to 10.30pm