Blueridge Roof Plumbing

Expert Tips

Don’t DIY downpipes
Installing your own downpipes may seem like an easy DIY job, but major problems can occur when downpipes have not been properly installed. This can result in flooding, or not taking water far enough away from your home which can cause significant damage to your foundations.

Get a ‘green’ roof
A metal roof not only looks great and lasts for around 50 years, it is also good for the environment. Recycled metal is now standard in all new metal roofs from anywhere between 25%-95%. It can also be recycled again when it reaches the end of its life, making it an environmentally-sound choice for your home.

Metal roofing for year-round comfort
Metal roofing is great in all weathers. In summer they reflect heat which means less air-conditioning and lower electricity bills. In winter, a professionally installed metal roof can withstand wind gusts of up to 200 kilometres an hour, keeping you and your family safe inside.