Handy Home Hints

Lock-screen information

Add an emergency contact number to your mobile phone’s lock screen photo. This way if you lose your phone there’s a way for someone to contact you if they find it.

Speedy smoothies

Love daily smoothies? Chop and divide up your fruit and veg in advance and freeze in individual bags to make “smoothie packs”. Just tip the bagful in the blender, add your liquid and blend!.

Earring storage

Keep your earrings and necklaces under control by storing them in a tackle box. The small compartments make organising easy!

No more stray dice

Love playing board games? Shake dice inside a clear plastic container so they don’t go flying and knocking pieces over.

3 uses for aluminium foil

  1. Don’t have a roasting rack? Shape a sheet of foil into a coil and place it under your meat to keep it from sitting in the roasting liquid.
  2. Use scrunched up foil as a scrubber to clean your bbq or cast-iron pots.
  3. Place foil under your ironing board cover, shiny side up, and get rid of wrinkles faster.

Reduce food waste

Place a “Use First” box in your fridge to store opened and soon-to-expire ingredients. Check the box daily and try to use what’s in there to plan your weekly menu.

Suitcase packing tip

Turn light coloured clothing inside-out to avoid stains and reduce creasing by rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

See your 4-legged friend in the dark

If you’re exercising your dog in the park at night, attach a glow stick to the collar so you don’t lose sight of your dog in the dark.