Handy Home Hints

Slicing crusty bread

Turn that loaf of crusty bread upside down or on its side to slice. The knife will cut more easily through the softer bottom crust so the loaf won’t end up flattened!

If you have baked your own bread, wait until it has cooled completely before you cut it or the insides will lump together.

5 handy ways to use velcro

  1. Velcro video game controllers to the console or the inside of the TV cabinet. It keeps them neat and less likely to get lost.
  2. Keep bundles of fishing rods together, or secured to a wall.
  3. Secure outdoor furniture cushions.
  4. Use the hook side of velcro to remove pilling from clothing. Just wrap a bit around your hand and brush over the affected area.
  5. Use velcro strips to keep messy cables under control.

Handy screwdriver storage

Mount a magnetic knife rack inside a cupboard to keep commonly used screwdrivers handy, instead of having them buried in a toolbox in the back of the shed.

High-vis kids

Dress your kids in plain, bright coloured clothes when visiting busy places. It makes them easier to spot in a crowd if you happen to get separated. Wear bright clothing yourself as well so your kids can spot you easily. If your child is too young to remember your phone number, write it on a wristband or a piece of paper in their pocket.

kids on a carousel
Have fun and don't get lost!

Permanent recipes

  • Use a permanent marker on the side of a glass jar to indicate the fill levels of each ingredient needed to make up different salad dressings or marinades.
  • Mark baking ingredient fill levels for different recipes on the side of a clear plastic flour container - perfect for camping as you have the storage, measuring, recipe and mixing container all in one. Use for damper, pancakes, batter mix etc
  • Write spice mix or drink mix recipes on the lids of the containers you store them in.
recipe written on container lid
Never lose the perfect hot chocolate recipe